Graphic Design
During my sophomore year of high school, I enrolled in an introductory Graphic Design class. Here is the vast treasury of all the projects I've completed since that time. Most are created in Adobe Illustrator, while some are rudimentary Photoshop projects. Some are assignments for the class itself, though most of them are independent projects completed in my own time for my family, school, or self.

Hexaflexagon Map Project
My largest graphic design project to date, the Dodecahexaflexagon map is a full immersive guide to creating a hexaflexagon (a mathematical folding paper toy) with twelve different colors. This guide also includes the annals of navigating the different colors and the fractal-tree pattern that results. This guide can also be viewed on .
Online Safety Poster
Typography Poster
This poster was a graphic design project utilizing different ways of text wrapping and using typography to illustrate a quote. I chose a quote by Mark Twain that I felt was accompanied by my imagery, and translated it into this design.
Another school project, this poster was created as part of the health class curriculum. It is targeted at an elementary to middle school audience, teaching the basics of online safety and security. 
Jazz Poster
Grant Band
Coffee Logo
A poster commissioned by the Grant High School Band Program to advertise their Sweet Sound of Jazz benefit concert, themed 'Paris After Dark'. 
Also created for the Grant Band Program, this is a manipulation of an existing 'General Grant' logo. This is the logo sold on bags of Grant Band Coffe Blend, a fundraiser partnering with a local coffee company. 
New Flexagon Map
Celsi Wine Label
This is a small project of a wine label to put on bottles of homemade sherry made from our grapevine a few years ago. It features a small vector image of my house made of basic shapes.
This poster was created sometime after the dodecahexaflexagon maps, for a version wih 24 sides instead of 12 (making it an icosikaitetrahexaflexagon.) I made one for my brother's birthday, giving him this guide to find each color. 
Dragon Head
Though this project also started from a tutorial of how to create layered scales and gradients, it became a much longer, more complex work over the course of the winter break. I utilized processes from multiple online illustrator tutorials to create subtle shading, highlights, texture, and tints. I wanted to create an original dragon design with personality and a unique color scheme. Each scale is separate and had to be individually placed, sized and angles to create a smooth facial structure.
Animal Mascot
Daylight Hours Graphic
This started as a self-paced tutorial project from an llustrator tutorial found online. It gave instructions for making an animal masot, so I decided to use the design of the dragon-bee character from The Summer Dragons ( watch here. ) I used gradients to give it a soft, layered appearance.
This is a quick project I was given on the side of my other graphic design work. It is a simple graphic for the hours of daylight in Portland during the year. This was requested by the biking club to put on their map of Portland.
Photo Manipulation Project
Tennis Logo
Even though it is at first and all glances an extremely rudimentary attempt at Photoshop, I still hold a certain kind of pride in my work on this project. The assignment was simply to create a composite image that combined odd elements together.
One of our last assignments for the year was to create a logo working with students in the Marketing class, to be displayed with their project at the Grant High School Trade Show. My client was Portland Players, a group of students selling tennis lessons. 
Jazz Poster 2017
Magazine Project
Another one of my favorite projects. We were asked to create a magazine cover on a topic that interested us, so of course I chose time travel. And who better to be the face of Time Travel Magazine than Marty McFly? 
For the second year in a row I was commissioned to design the poster for Grant High School's Sweet Sound of Jazz benefit concert.  I went with a more elaborate style this year and actually created the instruments by hand out of vector shapes.