Bookbinding Details
If you would like to have any papers bound into a book, contact me with the number of pages, approximate dimensions, any style specifications, and location. I will respond with any other questions I have and further contact info for shipping or delivering materials. 
If you live outside the Portland area you may need to ship the pages to me. You do not need to send any materials such as cover boards, cover papers, endpapers, or decorative pieces unless you would like to. I will buy my own materials according to your specifications, which is covered by the cost of the project. 
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Hardback Book
  • Must be 40 sheets or greater
  • Can be arranged in signatures (folded sections) or loose-leaf
  • Pages should be equal or similar in size (though small sheets can be bound in) 
  • Pages should not be excessively crumpled, messy, or torn at edges
  • Will be bound using either 1/16 inch or 1/8 inch greyboard for the covers and spine
  • Cover paper and spine paper can be same or different
  • Cover/spine color or pattern can be specified
Hardback Bookbinding mostly costs between 100 and 150 dollars, depending on complexity, ornateness, number of pages, and overall difficulty of project.
Simple Sewn Binding 
For now, all paperback books MUST be arranged in folded signatures. If you have questions, please contact me.
  •  Must be between 5 and 10 folded sheets
  • Will be bound using cardstock covered with cover paper
  • Stitches on spine can be visible or covered
  • Spine color can be different or same
  • Cover artwork can be sent with pages and attached onto cover
Simple Binding typically costs about 30 dollars, depending on complexity and ornateness.
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